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Encinitas Weather and Surfing Beaches




Encinitas Weather, termed by surfer’s magazine as one of the top world’s surfing spots, Encinitas is cherished for its simplicity. In fact, it is a unique place where surfing boards are daily essentials.

Encinitas Ca has been referred to as the place where east meets west. It is also home to many renowned surfers, business professionals, tri-athletes, farmers and many more. The area features rich topography with smooth rolling terrain as well as refreshing outdoor spaces. Encinitas is just the perfect destination to visit, tour and live in.    



Temperature & Tide Chart


With close proximity to the ocean, Encinitas has a short and warm summer while the winter is relatively long and cool. During the winters, there are also more cloudy days.

Throughout the year, the temperature in Encinitas varies from 49˚F-77˚F. The average daily temperature is about 72 ˚F. It is very rare for the temperature to drop to anything lower than 44 ˚F and it seldom gets higher than 84˚F. Tide Chart

Typically, Encinitas promises some nice, warm weather for outdoor activities, especially for outdoor sports from June to mid-October, If you prefer cooler temperatures, you would enjoy Encinitas from November to April. December is usually the coolest time of the year. 




In terms of rain, there is an average of 250mm rainfall per year. Winter and Spring are the wet seasons and it is also the time of year when the temperature tends to stay lower.

In winter, you will often see rain and fog, which is known as the May Gray and June Gloom. Heavy rain and thunderstorm might be expected in winter due to strong Pacific storms during this time. The temperature during the day is about 65 ˚F on average and it drops to about 45 to 55 ˚F at night. From summer to fall, it is relatively dry. The average daytime temperature is about 80 ˚F and at night, the temperature decreases to around 55 ˚F.


Day length


The length of the day varies over the course of the year. December 21 is the shortest with the daylight of 9 hours and 58 minutes only. The longest day is June 21. It receives daylight for about 14 hours 20 minutes.


 Ca-Cardiff by the Sea Cardiff by the Sea



Best time to visit


If you like surfing, you may want to learn more about the wind in Encinitas. The average hourly wind in the area does not vary much over the course of the year. You have a high chance of getting a windy day from November 13 to June 4. For beach lovers, late July to mid-September will be the best time to enjoy the sun at Encinitas.


Encinitas Beaches 


Encinitas is widely known as one of the best surfing spots in San Diego Co. This city is a great place for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and other outdoor activities. Amongst the best surfing spots in Encinitas, Grandview, Pipes and Moonlight Beach are some of the surfers’ favorite hangouts. 





Grandview Beach is located at the north of the Leucadia State Beach.

It is a narrow beach under high headlands topped with condos and homes that provide magnificent views of the ocean. The area is lovely and features clean and uncontaminated waters.

Given its unique geographic location, Grandview Beach is a perfect spot for surfers who want to catch more waves, such as the southwest swells, northwest swells, and combo swells.

You can easily find waves any time of the year and the waves are usually suitable for surfers of all abilities. Although the waves might come slow sometimes, you will still be able to enjoy a good time.

Since the waves are often slower and fuller, you will find it more enjoyable to use a shortboard or a longboard. The best wind direction in this area is from the west-southwest.


Moonlight State Beach



Moonlight Beach SignMoonlight Beach Sign


Moonlight State Beach is considered the main central beach and it is operated by the city of Encinitas.

For surfing, the beach has a gradual slope that makes your surf enjoyable and safe. There are also lifeguards at the beach, giving families better peace of mind.

You may experience distant groundswells at this beach and the best wind direction should be from the east. If you are looking for an optimal swell angle, then you should aim at the southwest.

If you are coming to Encinitas with your children, this is an ideal family-friendly beach for you. There is also a grass park and children playing area for some fun-filled running around.



D Street


For those of you who enjoy having fun and want something more thrilling, D Street would be a great beach for you. It is located right next to Moonlight State Beach.

D Street is great for southwest and northwest combo swell, especially in the Spring and Fall seasons.





Swami`s Surfers Beach



Swamis have a world-renowned right reef point break. The best season to surf in Swami is Winter.

During spring and fall, you can enjoy some northwest swells as well. Although summer is warm, you may not want to surf at Swami’s because it does not pick up any south swells there. Check out Cardiff by the Sea Weather here



Cardiff by the Sea Clouds over water Cardiff by the Sea Clouds over water



Encinitas is a gem in California. Its favorable weather and stunning beaches make it a paradise for surfing, residing and visiting. If you would like to start calling this lovely place home, contact me here or click on the contact below for faster connection.



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